Rental Application

Fully embrace the digital future of the RTO industry with the cynergi|suite Rental Application.

Ditch paper applications. They're cumbersome for business owners, inconvenient for customers, and costly to store and manage. With the cynergi|suite Rental Application, you get all the tools you need to securely process and safely store rental applications using a mobile device.

Digitize the Rental Application Process

The cynergi|suite Rental Application gives you the tools to easily eliminate paper rental applications and streamline the new rental order process:

  • Fill out an application on a mobile device.
  • Capture the customer's signature.
  • Submit the web prospect.

Customize rental applications for your RTO business

The Rental Application allows you to customize the required fields customers must complete when filling out application forms for your business. This feature allows you to streamline the rental application process for your customers and collect the specific information you need to operate your RTO business.

Rental application customizations include:

  • Personal information
  • Cosign personal information
  • Employer information
  • Auto information
  • References
  • Demographic information
  • Release statement

English/Spanish language support

Support your diverse customer base without expensive application translation fees. The Rental Application can generate, process, and view applications in English and Spanish.

Data security

The cynergi|suite Rental Application includes advanced security features to ensure your customer and business data stays safe, including verified input setup credentials and secure customer signature capture.

Download the Rental Application Mobile App

The Rental Application mobile app is free for cynergi|suite customers to download with an additional monthly subscription fee per store. Contact cynergi|suite support to learn more.