FastInfo - Real-Time Reporting

It's your business. You should have access readily to the data and reports you need. With cynergi|suite's FastInfo feature, you can generate predefined and customized reports at the click of a button.

Get rid of your cumbersome, fiddly spreadsheets. Stop wasting time entering data. With cynergi|suite, you can get back to what matters—running your business.

Generate Reports Using Real-Time Data

The cynergi|suite FastInfo feature allows you to generate reports based on real-time data within your application. FastInfo is based on an SQL relational database, which can quickly and accurately create relationships between all the data your business stores in cynergi|suite.

Based on over 35 years of experience developing software for the RTO industry, we've been able to identify the most commonly used reports by businesses in the industry. FastInfo contains over 20 predefined reports and templates, or you can build custom reports by simply dragging and dropping fields within the application. There's no need to learn code or hire an in-house developer.

Once generated, you can export your FastInfo reports from cynergi|suite in any of the following formats:

  • .csv
  • .pdf
  • .txt
  • HTML

Automatic, Scheduled Reporting

Using FastInfo, you can schedule any report to automatically generate from cynergi|suite at any given frequency. Creating automatically generated reports in cynergi|suite is easy. Simply set a few definitions, and cynergi|suite does all the work for you.

Creating automatically generated reports

In cynergi|suite, you can generate reports automatically using the following definitions:

  • Start date. Calendar date to begin generating the report
  • End date. Calendar date to stop generating the report
  • Hour to Start. Time to start automatically generating the report
  • File type. Format for generating the report. For example, .csv or .pdf.
  • Distribution. How you plan to receive the report. For example, via email.
  • Email targets. The email addresses that will receive the report.
  • Report generation. Defines how often the system will automatically generate the report. For example, daily or weekly.
  • Schedule type. More strictly defines when cynergi|suite generates the report. For example, Business Days (Mon-Sat).
  • Active/Inactive. Quickly turn automatically generated reports on and off using the toggle.

Learn How cynergi|suite Can Help Improve Your Business's Reporting

With advanced, secure reporting features like FastInfo and Insight, cynergi|suite gives your RTO business the tools it needs to be successful. Contact us today to learn more.

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