Customer Portal

Make renting from your business simpler by giving customers the tools they need. We know you're busy and probably don't have the time to build a custom mobile app for your business. Let us handle it.

Mobile apps make everything easier. Especially, when just about everyone owns a smartphone. When you choose cynergi|suite to help operate your RTO business, we can build a custom-branded Customer Portal mobile application for your business to assist with your ongoing account management costs and needs.

With your business's Customer Portal mobile app, your customers get the tools they need to conveniently manage their rental accounts and make payments.

Make Payments Easier for Your Customers

Your store-branded Customer Portal mobile application gives your RTO customers an easy-to-use platform for maintaining their accounts from the palms of their hands. We develop your business's Customer Portal mobile app specifically tailored to your business's brand and requirements.

In turn, with easy-to-use payment and communication tools, you can build better relationships with your customers.

Customer Portal mobile app features

Using the Customer Portal mobile application, your customers can:

  • View specials, coupons, store location, contact information, and links to your company info.
  • Receive account-related text messages from your business, once opted in.
  • Review their account information.
  • Add new payment information using a link to your Online Payment Solution.
  • Make payments on accounts with saved payment information.

Learn More About Building Your Customer Portal App

The Customer Portal mobile app is available for cynergi|suite customers for an additional customization fee plus a monthly subscription fee per store. Unlike the other cynergi|suite mobile applications, the Customer Portal mobile app is custom-branded for your store and requires additional information to calculate pricing.

To learn more, please fill out a Contact Us form or contact your Account Manager.