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Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale RTO Software

cynergi|suite is a cloud-based point-of-sale rent-to-own software platform, expertly engineered for businesses that track, sell, rent, or take payments on inventory.

As a web-based application, cynergi|suite records your business's essential data for your entire enterprise, in real-time. Stored in a secure, centralized, private server, you can access your company's critical data and reporting tools anywhere, anytime, from any internet-connected device.

With the cynergi|suite platform, running your RTO business is easier. cynergi|suite provides the features you need in an easy-to-follow, customizable format for:

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Learn How the cynergi|suite RTO Software Platform Works

Information. Data. Reporting. These are the key ingredients to successfully running an RTO business. cynergi|suite gives you an RTO software platform to manage these ingredients, in real-time, anytime.

With cynergi|suite's cloud-based platform, every transaction your company completes and records is securely transmitted to a centralized, private server. Your stores don't need to worry about complicated on-site hardware. No more tedious overnight reports and delayed communications. Instead, cynergi|suite illustrates your company's vital business information in real-time through a single, intuitive platform.


About High Touch Technologies

cynergi|suite is engineered by High Touch Technologies, a comprehensive technology solutions company that provides complete and integrated IT, software, and communications solutions for businesses.

High Touch got its start by pioneering one of the first robust point-of-sale RTO software systems for the RTO industry over 35 years ago. While studying in Wichita State University's computer science program, High Touch's founder, Ted Cary, began exploring how technology could influence business ventures. As his ideas flourished, Cary recruited two of his top students, Dave Glover and Mark Lenz, to join his team.

Through their research, representatives of a leading RTO company approached the team with the idea of building a dynamic and reliable full-stack POS system that helped automate processes—that's where cynergi|suite's foundation was born.

Since its founding, High Touch has diversified its portfolio to provide a comprehensive package of solutions to help companies achieve tangible business outcomes by using technology. These services include IT Solutions, Software Solutions, Security Solutions, Business Communications, and Website Services.

Based in Wichita, Kan., High Touch has offices in Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio.

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