Online Payment Solution

We live in an online era where customers expect convenience. How's your RTO business going to deliver?

cynergi|suite's Online Payment Solution is a cutting-edge application that makes online transactions more accessible than ever. With cynergi|suite, your customers can make regular payments anywhere, anytime.

Payments Made Easier for Your Customers

cynergi|suite's Online Payment Solution is loaded with features your customers expect when making online payments:

  • 1-step registration. It's quick and easy for customers to register and make payments using their user email or customer number.
  • Detailed account information. Gather detailed account information for each store.
  • Flexible login. Customers and administrators can log in using their email, user ID, or customer information.
  • Payment history. Using Online Payments, customers can review detailed account payment information to track their progress on an agreement.
  • Payment progress. Track payment status.
  • Recurring payments. Customers can activate recurring payments and store multiple payments with cynergi|suite's secure tokenization process.
  • Secure servers. cynergi|suite keeps your customers' credit card information secure on private virtual servers.
  • Timely notifications. Customers can receive transaction emails and payment reminders.

Online Payments for Your Business

In addition, Online Payment Solution features robust tools for your home office, including corporate dashboards, data reporting, troubleshooting capabilities, and marketing options.

Detailed store reports

Gather detailed information for each store. See your top five performing stores measured by credit card revenue. Identify peak days, hours, and more from a corporate level. With cynergi|suite's Online Payments Solution, you get a complete snapshot of your RTO business's financial performance.

Custom branded for your business

Make online payments truly a part of your business. Brand your online payment site with your logo and colors. Integrate special offers. Strengthen your customer relationships to keep them coming back to your store.

Get the support you need

cynergi|suite's Online Payment Solution includes a full suite of home office support tools to help keep your business running. As a cynergi|suite customer, you also have access to 24/7/365 U.S.-based support.

Set Your Store Apart

With cynergi|suite's features, you give your business the tools it needs to stand out from the pack. cynergi|suite is packed with features, RTO businesses from single stores to multi-unit enterprises.

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