Imagine it's Monday morning. The previous week's work is sitting on your desk—sales, inventory, rental revenue, delinquencies, and more. Are you suffering from fight or flight? Can't see the forest through the trees? cynergi|suite has the answers you need.

cynergi|suite Insight is an advanced reporting tool that provides the data you need to make intelligent, informed decisions about your business.

Business Isn't a Guessing Game

Stop making critical business decisions based on intuition alone.

With cynergi|suite Insight, your business data can be gathered, processed, and organized into easy-to-read and easy-to-understand scorecards, displays, dashboards, and reports. You get immediate business insight, which allows you to make decisions based on facts, data, and statistics.

cynergi|suite Insight gives you the knowledge and tools to keep your business goals in sight and on track, including:

  • Alert-Based Reporting. Report data that is interesting or important to you, at a relevant time. For example, receive notifications if a Salesperson or store met their sales goal for the month or week, or if an agreement becomes 30 days past due.
  • Enterprise Reporting. Compile enterprise-wide statistics for multiple stores, divisions, geographic areas, and companies.
  • Market Basket Analysis. Review customers based on renting and purchasing data. For example, if they only rented an item, but chose to purchase something else.
  • Money Missed. View uncollected fees, discounted agreements, lack of warranty sales, and more, including the attributable Salesperson, Account Manager, and store level.
  • Outliers. Define a report to identify values that are inconsistent with your typical data. Examples include agreements greater than seven years, agreements with more than 10 items, and customers who have more than five active agreements.
  • Predictive Analytics. Manage your inventory to account for product changes due to factors like seasonality.
  • Self-Service Analytics. Filter, explore, and mine your data for instant answers to your most pressing questions. Quickly create a customized, interactive dashboard that you can use to explore your business data.

Easy-to-Understand Business Intelligence

cynergi|suite Insight is easy to navigate. Anyone familiar with Windows or Microsoft products can intuitively navigate their way through the feature.

Based on your RTO business's specific needs, cynergi|suite Insight can be configured for one location or hundreds, all at once or over time as your business grows.

Smart Tools for Smart Businesses

cynergi|suite is loaded with features to make running your RTO business easier, no matter how many stores you own or what you sell. Tools like Insight and FastInfo provide the analytics you need to make informed decisions about your business, customers, and employees.

More cynergi|suite Features

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