Inventory Audit Application

There's nothing fun or exciting about auditing your idle inventory — it's hours spent in dusty backrooms and drafty warehouses scanning barcodes until you're dizzy. With the cynergi|suite Inventory Audit Application and Dashboard, you'll complete your idle inventory audits quickly and on-time, so you can get back to business.

Say goodbye to clunky handheld barcode scanners and connectivity problems. The Inventory Audit Application is compatible with most Apple and Android devices. Unlike devices of the past, you won't erase your audit progress if you lose connectivity—you can keep scanning barcodes, then upload your report when the audit is complete and you're reconnected.

Own multiple stores? No problem. The Inventory Audit Dashboard lets you view status reports for all inventory audits, in real-time, with no extra equipment or licensing needed. Best of all? It's free for cynergi|suite customers.

Audit Your Idle Inventory the Right Way

cynergi|suite's Inventory Audit Application allows you to complete audits of your idle inventory using almost any Apple or Android mobile device with a camera. Simply download the free application, configure it to match your instance of cynergi|suite, and start scanning.

Inventory Audit Application Benefits

cynergi|suite's Inventory Audit Application makes completing idle inventory audits easier:

  • No required native hardware. Auditing your idle inventory used to require purchasing clunky, handheld barcode scanners. With the Inventory Audit Application, you can use just about any Apple or Android device with a camera to get the job done.
  • Forget connectivity issues. Historically, when companies lost network connection in the middle of an idle inventory audit, they lost their progress—not anymore. If you lose connection, you can keep scanning with the Inventory Audit Application. The audit results will upload when you reconnect.
  • Use multiple devices simultaneously. All you need is a mobile device with the Inventory Audit Application installed. Multiple employees can scan inventory simultaneously to complete your idle inventory audit efficiently.

Inventory Audit Dashboard

The Inventory Audit Dashboard works hand-in-hand with the Inventory Audit Application to schedule, review, manage, and approve idle inventory audits for every store in your enterprise.
With the cynergi|suite application, the Inventory Audit Dashboard allows you to:

  • View ongoing idle inventory audits. See the progress of your store's idle inventory audits in real-time.
  • Schedule future inventory audits. Set calendar reminders and send notifications for stores to complete regularly scheduled idle inventory audits.
  • Review past audits. Select a date or date range from the calendar to view the results of past idle inventory audits.
  • Evaluate enterprise audit status. Create a pie chart to review the percentage of audits created, in progress, completed, canceled, or approved for a specific date or date range.
  • Approve audits. Edit the status of an existing audit.
  • View exceptions. Review a list of exception notes recorded during an idle inventory audit.

Download the Inventory Audit Application

The Inventory Audit Application is free for cynergi|suite customers to download and use. Contact your cynergi|suite Account Executive to learn more.