Integrated Home Office/Accounting

Imagine the convenience of seeing all your day-to-day tasks and financial responsibilities unified in one place—no more juggling between software applications or dealing with duplicate entries.

With cynergi|suite’s revolutionary Integrated Home Office/Accounting feature, you harness the dual power of operational control and financial management for your RTO business, all within a single, seamless platform.

Streamline Your RTO Business Management

Tailored to enhance your ease of use, cynergi|suite’s Integrated Home Office/Accounting feature is meticulously designed to simplify your RTO business operations. By integrating accounting functionalities directly into the cynergi|suite platform, you gain a holistic perspective of your business, eliminating the need to navigate disjointed software solutions.
No matter what type of RTO segment your RTO business specializes in, whether it’s traditional merchandise, shed and storage, tire and wheel, or something else entirely, Integrated Home Office/Accounting empowers you to make confident decisions, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate reporting.

Real-Time Insights

Forget about delays caused by manual entries and welcome accurate, up-to-date insights. Integrated Home Office/Accounting gives you the tools at your fingertips to make smarter decisions using real-time financial data. Even better, the system automatically updates pricing changes on inventory items, safeguarding your margins from last-minute vendor cost adjustments.

Enhanced Efficiency

Simplify both your operations and accounting workflows. No more toggling between multiple tools—with Integrated Home Office/Accounting, you can focus more on managing your actual business than software.

Accurate Financial Data

Eliminate errors and inconsistencies for accurate financial reporting. By merging operational and accounting aspects, you ensure that the numbers you see reflect the true state of your business.

Comprehensive Accounting Capabilities

cynergi|suite’s Integrated Home Office/Accounting feature includes an array of functionalities expertly designed to streamline your accounting processes coupled with extensive reporting capabilities.

Accounts Payable

  • Process inventory and expense invoices.
  • Manage recurring AP invoices.
  • Integration with general ledger ensures accuracy and consistency.
  • Link inventory directly to its respective invoice to enable easy tracking of cost changes.
  • Support for multiple payment types, including check and ACH.
  • Integration with the purchase order system.

General Ledger

  • Organize your general ledger efficiently using GL Source Codes, both system and user-defined.
  • Create manual journal entries with the option to use user-defined templates.
  • Integration with store activity generates journal entries from daily and monthly activities, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Handle various store activities such as revenue, petty cash, deposits, inventory received, and more.
  • Manage recurring journal entries for consistent financial processes.
  • Customize financial statements to meet your reporting needs.
  • Four years of financial reporting are available.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Seamlessly integrated with both accounts payable and general ledger.
  • Gain insights into your financial status through comprehensive reporting.

Purchase Order

  • Real-time integration with your store’s POS system, ensuring updates are reflected immediately.
  • Seamlessly connect with accounts payable for efficient procurement processes.

Access valuable insights through comprehensive reporting.

Mini GL

For customers who want to maintain a separate accounting software system but still gain insights from cynergi|suite, a non-integrated version of the Home Office/Accounting feature, Mini GL, is available.

With Mini GL, your store’s daily and month end activity is exported in journal entry format for use in another GL system. For more detailed information about Mini GL, contact us or reach out to your dedicated Account Executive.

Experience Seamless RTO Business Management

Join the many RTO businesses that have already embraced the future of integrated RTO business management. The Integrated Home Office/Accounting feature empowers you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business and serving your customers.

If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer, contact your dedicated Account Executive to learn more about how this feature can help transform your business.

If you’re new to cynergi|suite and are interested in virtualizing the RTO experience for your customers, contact us to schedule a demo.