RTO Segments

When we say, "Set your store apart," we mean it.

Like technology, RTO is a fast-paced, continually evolving industry. As new products and services are released, consumers need an easy, affordable avenue for purchasing. That's where your role as an RTO business comes in.

We understand that different types of RTO businesses have many similar needs, but also, unique caveats to the way they do business. It would help if you had software that generally supports your RTO business, with customizable features that enable your RTO niche.

With cynergi|suite's agile platform, as new RTO business segments have developed, we've created unique software features and integrations to enable real business outcomes.

RTO Segments Served by cynergi|suite

Traditional RTO Businesses

RTO's bread-and-butter has been brand-name appliances, furniture, jewelry, and electronics. We're talking about big money, durable goods that consumers will purchase for the long-haul. We developed and built cynergi|suite with traditional RTO in mind, and continue to provide software, support, and services to major retail chains, such as Rent-A-Center, RentOne, and Rental City - Canada.

Shed and Storage

Many residential consumers are opting for on-site shed storage in place of off-site self-storage units. In some cases, the cost of a convenient on-site storage solution rivals that of self-storage units. Typical shed and storage RTO businesses offer garages, utility sheds, garden sheds, workshops, self-storage units, and portable buildings.

Tire and Wheel

The tire and wheel segment is one of the newest RTO segments served by cynergi|suite. Tires are expensive, and in one up-front payment, out of reach for many consumers who need their vehicle to get to work every day. These types of RTO businesses offer tires and wheels through affordable weekly and monthly payments. Tire and wheel RTO businesses also require specific features and integrations, which cynergi|suite supports.

Customize cynergi|suite for Your RTO Segment

cynergi|suite is customizable with features, mobile applications, integrations, and support, based on your specific RTO business's needs. Backed by a team of developers, engineers, and business analysts, cynergi|suite gives your RTO business the tools it needs to be successful, no matter what you're selling.

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