Multi-Unit Franchises

You need software that works for your business, stores, and customers. With cynergi|suite, you get the tools you need to manage your RTO enterprise in one secure cloud-based software platform.

Not all RTO software has multi-unit businesses in mind. Successfully running an enterprise operation requires comprehensive reporting, business intelligence tools, real-time data, customer support, and management tools. Likewise, you need the technology to run it all.

cynergi|suite gives you the data, business management, and support you need to run your RTO enterprise.

Managing Your RTO Enterprise Online, in Real-Time

With cynergi|suite, your operations aren't tied to individual stores. Instead, you can manage your entire multi-unit RTO enterprise from anywhere, on any device.

  • Rental agreements. Create, edit, and view rental agreements for all stores.
  • Inventory management. View your entire inventory. Transfer inventory in real-time.
  • Payment processing. Receive and apply payment for any store in your enterprise at any location.
  • Review accounts. View and edit all customer account information.
  • Employee monitoring. Manage employees across the enterprise.
More cynergi|suite Features

Robust Reporting for Your Business and Stores

As a multi-unit RTO franchise, you need to run your business, as well as manage individual stores. cynergi|suite provides real-time data, analytics, and dashboards, providing total insight into your overall business and individual store performance.

Record data

As employees enter customer and product data, cynergi|suite transfers the information from a secure, private cloud to your business's central server. With cynergi|suite's cloud-based platform, you store all your individual location data in one location.

By design, you can safely access data from your entire enterprise from anywhere, on any device.

Generate reports

cynergi|suite provides default and customizable reports for your business, based on real-time performance and customer data. Using cynergi|suite's reporting tools, you can break down data by company, location, region, individual store, and more.

With cynergi|suite, you can generate reports for multi-unit franchises, including total revenue, past dues, revenue statistics, agreements, customer history, contact information, and more. Using cynergi|suite's database of recorded information, you can generate custom reports for any data, at any number of locations.

Additionally, you can generate scheduled reports to regularly compile and organize data as you need it.

Insightful Business Intelligence

Make informed, data-focused decisions to manage your businesses successfully based on statistics.

cynergi|suite provides business intelligence reports and dashboards with multi-unit RTO businesses in mind. View historical data. Discover trends. Make impactful decisions. By analyzing your business data in real-time, cynergi|suite enhances your RTO business management resources.

Complementary Technology Services

No other RTO software company can match the total technology package offered by cynergi|suite.

Produced by High Touch Technologies, in addition to the cynergi|suite platform, we're excited to offer full-scale technology solutions to help you run your multi-unit RTO franchise.

In addition to cynergi|suite software, High Touch can provide:

Visit hightouchtechnologies.com/what-we-do for a full list of technology solutions offered by High Touch.

Multi-Unit RTO Franchise Support

With cynergi|suite, you have access to 24/7/365 support whenever you need it. Our U.S.-based customer support team is always available, even on holidays, nights, and weekends.

Additionally, multi-unit RTO franchises using cynergi|suite are assigned a dedicated Account Executive to address any questions and concerns that you may have.

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