2-Way Text Messaging

In the RTO world, you need to stay in contact with your customers. Phone calls offer direct communication, but you can also end up in an inefficient, endless game of phone tag.

What's the solution? cynergi|suite includes 2-Way Text Messaging to help you stay in contact with your customers.

Whether it's for payment reminders, managing your inventory, or marketing new services, cynergi|suite can manage your business-to-customer text messages within its software platform. Plus, since cynergi|suite is cloud-based, you can communicate professionally with your customers from any device with the application installed. No mobile phone required.

Keep the Dialogue Moving

cynergi|suite's 2-Way Text Messaging feature provides an efficient, professional avenue for communicating via text message with your customers. Since it's included in the platform, that means no personal cell phones needed and no personal call logs to sift through.

Using 2-Way Text Messaging

You can easily access 2-Way Text Messaging on the Collections screen. From within the feature, you can choose to set up automatic text messaging or manually create and send a text message. There are no software development skills required to get started either. Just click, add cynergi|suite data fields, type your message, and send.

2-Way Text Messaging includes features, such as:

  • Integrated opt-in/opt-out tools with verification code
  • Auto-responses available for current balance on agreements, payoff amount, and more
  • Profanity filtering with logging and reporting capabilities.

Recording and Viewing Text Messages

2-Way Text Messaging records your text message conversations with customers as part of their call history. When reviewing a customer's call history, you view a list of text messages sent and received, including opt-in and opt-out messages.

Learn More About cynergi|suite's Features

cynergi|suite is loaded with features that help RTO businesses get the job done. Visit our Features page to learn more about the communication and reporting tools cynergi|suite has to offer your business.

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