How to Read Payment History and Receipts

June 7th, 2022

By: High Touch Technologies

There’s More to Payment History and Receipts Than Meets the Eye.

Are you familiar with reviewing a customer’s payment history in cynergi|suite? From the Customer Page, you can see an overview of a customer’s payment history, including the payment date, payment amount, and the number of payments left. It’s a good start, but do you know where to look when you need more detailed information about a customer’s payment history?

Additionally, cynergi|suite records more detailed information related to payment history, including deferments and exceptions. This blog will show you how to review more detailed payment history, including payment history for all agreements.

cynergi|suite Payment History Overview

How to View Customer Payment History

To see a customer’s payment history overview, from the cynergi|suite home screen, click Rental Payments and choose a customer to display the customer’s page. In the Agreements section, hover the pointer over a line in the Agreement History list, and a quick summary will display in the Details window below.

Below the Details window, you can click the All Agreements button to review the payment history for all rental agreements.

How to View Deferred Payments

Located to the right of the Pay column, the ? column contains a single-letter code that indicates a history of a deferred payment. Deferred flags can mean the following:

How to View Payment Exceptions

Located to the right of the Due column, the ? column contains a single-letter code that indicates why a customer has an exception to making a specific payment. Exception flags indicate the following:

Contact Us to Learn More About Rental Payments

If you have questions about cynergi||suite, payment history, and receipts, our Support team is happy to help. Contact us to learn more about viewing payment details in cynergi|suite.

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