Investing in Our Software, Partnerships and Future

September 2nd, 2020

Wichita, KS — (September 2, 2020) — We’re excited to announce a new website, refreshed branding and a bunch of new features we have in store for cynergi|suite!

“We’re proud of our roots in this industry—High Touch was founded over 35 years ago to serve the RTO industry,” states Derrick Nielsen, President and CEO of High Touch Technologies. “I can tell you today that we’re even more excited about the future than we are proud of our past. We are doubling-down on the RTO industry, our clients and our software. We’re investing to make cynergi|suite more productive, reliable and safer than ever to support our customers’ successes.”

A New cynergisuite.com

The new cynergisuite.com is more than just a facelift. We’ve invested in providing more content, in an easier-to-navigate format, that will help existing and potential cynergi|suite customers find information about the platform. We’re dedicated to providing quality information that potential customers need when researching cynergi|suite and serving existing customers with the content they need.

Likewise, the new website better represents cynergi|suite’s brand and future plans. Our investment in the cynergi|suite brand and software underscores our ongoing commitment to the RTO industry.

Website visitors will still be able to submit support tickets, contact the cynergi|suite team and access cynergi|suite university on the new site.

Exciting Projects Ahead for cynergi|suite

A new website isn’t the only thing to be excited about with cynergi|suite—we’re investing in the entire cynergi|suite platform to ensure it’s the best solution for RTO businesses.

New mobile applications

cynergi|suite features mobile applications that give businesses the tools they need to stay active out in the field. In addition to our Collections, Customer Portal, KPI Application and Rental Application mobile apps, we’ve invested in a bar scanning mobile application that will allow businesses to complete inventory audits with Android and iOS devices, eliminating the need for proprietary bar code scanners.

A new cynergi|suite university

cynergi|suite university continues to help businesses understand how to use our software. As times change, so do the ways in which people learn. We’re excited to announce our investment in an entirely new Learning Management System (LMS) and university for cynergi|suite. This LMS will allow us to provide training materials, videos and work aids designed for the next generation of RTO store employees.

Fully-modernizing cynergi|suite

Additionally, we’re investing in the technology that makes cynergi|suite work. Our RTO software team has been working on updating and refining cynergi|suite’s code. With enhancements to the back-office accounting system and a fully-modernized SQL database, we’re working to make cynergi|suite future-ready for the long-term success of the RTO industry.

Investing in cynergi|suite for the Long Haul

As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about the future of cynergi|suite.

“I have a vision for cynergi that goes way beyond where it is today, “ states Stacy Root, Director of RTO Software Development. “We are dedicated to partnering with RTO businesses, giving them the resources they need to be the best they can be.”

To learn more about cynergi|suite, or if you’d like to schedule a demo, contact us today!

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