7 Omnichannel Tools Every RTO Business Needs

September 30th, 2021

Create a Better Buying Experience.

How does buying a product or initiating an agreement online compare to your in-store shopping experience?

A successful rent-to-own (RTO) enterprise requires more than just an online shopping cart and a brick-and-mortar store. Customers need to be able to find your business online, research products, and complete transactions. RTO stores offer a unique experience, where the customer-to-business relationship lasts more than 10 minutes—it continues throughout the life of the RTO agreement. When a customer makes an online purchase in the RTO industry is more than just making a sale; it’s building a relationship.

Does your company have the tools it needs to be successful in an omnichannel marketplace? Paired with cynergi|suite, these seven tools can help your business have a better, more engaging shopping experience.

What Is Omnichannel Commerce?

Simply put, omnichannel commerce focuses on creating a seamless customer experience whether transactions take place online, in-person, or over the phone. Using cynergi|suite, in addition to other digital and online tools, you can create a seamless experience for your RTO customers.

RTO Omnichannel Experience Tools

1. Business Listing Management

Make sure customers can find your store online and in-person. How do you manage your company’s business hours, address data, phone numbers, and other data across desktops and mobile devices?

With Business Listing Management services, you can ensure your business’s online information is up-to-date for over 100 websites, search engines, apps, voice assistants, GPS systems, and social networks.

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2. Online Payment Solution

cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution allows your customers to make payments on their RTO merchandise anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the Online Payment Solution has features that make running your RTO business easier, including custom branding, detailed store reports, recurring payments, notifications, and more.

Learn More About The Online Payment Solution

3. Customer Portal Mobile App

Bring your RTO in-store experience to mobile devices. With a custom store-branded cynergi|suite mobile app, your customers can view specials, receive account-related text messages, review account information, make payments, and more.

Check Out The cynergi|suite Customer Portal Mobile App

4. Web Order Widget

Receive web order leads in-store, in real-time. The Web Order Widget connects your website to cynergi|suite to receive leads, import customer data, and link leads to existing customer data.

Learn How The Web Order Widget Works

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want customers to find your business quickly using Google, you need to consider SEO. SEO is the practice of designing and building websites to gain more traffic from unpaid sources like search engines, listing pages, and social media.

An SEO assessment investigates vital factors for Google’s website ranking algorithm, like website speed, code, keywords, and more.

Learn More About SEO And Get A Website Assessment

6. 2-Way Text Messaging

Keep the dialogue moving on and offline. With 2-Way Text Messaging, you can communicate with customers professionally via cynergi|suite. From the Collections screen, you can create and send text messages and set up automatic text messaging.

Learn More About 2-Way Text Messaging

7. Website Development

Last but certainly not least, an omnichannel epxerience is only possible if your business has a capable website. Your business’s website is its virtual front door—design, security, responsiveness, analytics, speed, and SEO are all vital if you want to succeed.

Website Development And High Touch

Set Your Store Apart.

Online solutions, paired with cynergi|suite and in-store experiences, create a winning combination for RTO businesses to reach more customers and manage ongoing customer relationships using technology. Contact us today to learn more about cynergi| suite’s omnichannel capabilities.

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