Release Notes: Online Payment Solution

October 28th, 2022

We’re excited to announce changes to cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution!

With front-end updates to the interface, as well as back-end updates to the way cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution works under the hood, managing payments from your customers is about to get more efficient and secure.

Note: This is a phased release and will be gradually rolled out to existing cynergi|suite customers — if you have specific questions regarding your instance of cynergi|suite, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated Account Executive.

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What’s New?

As soon as you sign in to the Online Payment Solution, you’ll notice one thing immediately: it looks different. We’ve made changes to the user interface with the goal of cutting down the number of clicks it takes for you to make a payment, add new payment information, or set up recurring payments.

We’ve also modernized the code behind the Online Payment Solution to deliver a more secure, efficient experience.

Making payments

Compared to the previous version, the process of making a payment requires fewer clicks and fewer screens. From the Account Details screen, you can review all receivables for a customer, select items, and click the Pay button to process payments.

Adding new payment information

In the updated version of the Online Payments Solution, the process for adding new payment information for a customer is quicker and requires fewer clicks.

Our Development team has also squashed a bug that previously caused the system to time out and generate a time-based error that could occur when entering a customer’s payment information.

Setting up recurring payments

We’ve adjusted the interface for setting up recurring payments to make it more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Back-end updates

You should notice a quicker, smoother experience using the Online Payment Solution.

Our developers have been working hard, cleaning up and modernizing the code that makes the Online Payment Solution work. The results? In addition to performance improvements, this is a more secure and maintainable solution for cynergi|suite’s future.

Likewise, these back-end updates make it easier for our team to provide efficient support.

Set Your Store Apart.

With cynergi|suite, you make rent-to-own easier for your customers and store employees. If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer and have questions regarding updates to the Online Payment Solution, contact your dedicated Account Executive.

If you’re new to cynergi|suite and want to learn more, simply click here to schedule a demo.

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