How To Prepare Your RTO Store Technology for Severe Weather

August 20th, 2021

Electronics and Water Don’t Mix.

"Prepare For Severe Storms"Hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe thunderstorms can have devastating effects on unprepared rent-to-own stores. With the proper preparation, you can stay a step ahead of the storm to help ensure that your files, data, and equipment are protected from Mother Nature.

Headquartered in Tornado Alley, we’ve learned a thing or two about preparing for torrential storms. We’ve compiled some tips to help our friends in the rent-to-own industry to prepare their cynergi|suite software and IT systems when severe weather is in the forecast. Additionally, we’ll provide a list of suggested reports you should run in case you lose power and need to continue operations “the old-fashioned way.”

Above all, during a severe weather event, be sure to follow the safety warnings and recommendations of your state and local officials.

Preparing Your RTO Store for Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Severe Storms

When you’re anticipating severe weather or the possibility of flooding impacting your RTO store, we recommend taking the following precautions to safeguard your systems, equipment, and customer data.

1. Print Manual Reports

Print and save customer lists as backups if you lose power and need to operate your business manually. Review our list of recommended cynergi|suite reports below.

2. Copy and Store Reports

Store a copy of your customer lists in a safe, dry place, and take a copy with you in case of evacuation. In our experience, it’s best to print more than one customer list and have trusted employees take copies too.

3. Backup Data and Files

Follow your routine on-site backup procedures. Verify that the backup is complete and record your system backup date and time.

4. Document Equipment

Take pictures or record videos of your equipment, connections, and cabling.

5. Shut Down and Unplug Equipment

Safely shut down and unplug all equipment, including:

6. Move Equipment

Raise equipment off the floor and move it to a countertop or desk to help safeguard against flooding dangers.

7. Relocate Major Systems

If possible, when you’re in imminent danger of wind or flood damage, physically relocate your servers, firewalls, and modems.

Suggested cynergi|suite Reports for Preparing Your RTO Store for Severe Weather

Before the storm hits, we recommend running and printing the following cynergi|suite reports. We also recommend consulting your home office, owners, and operations managers for any additional reports they would like to print.

If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer, our team can program these emergency reports to be sent to you regularly via email, so you’re always prepared. Contact us to learn more.

Set Your Store Apart.

If you’re looking for a winning combo of industry-leading software and technology support for your RTO business, choose cynergi|suite. Contact us today to learn more cynergi|suite and schedule a demo.

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