How to Create Promo Days in cynergi|suite

November 22nd, 2021

Promotional Day Deals and Codes for New Agreements

Did you know you can create your own promo days and codes in cynergi|suite? Think about all the holidays, customer anniversaries, and special events where you’d like to extend a special deal to your customers. As an example, you’ve probably seen or used a “skip a payment” or “buy-one-get-one” (BOGO) promotion. With cynergi|suite, you can offer the same type of promotion to your customers.

With the Promo Days feature in cynergi|suite, you can set up promotional codes and events, where customers can automatically earn payment extensions based on a specific set of criteria you establish within your system.

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What Is a Promo Day?

Using the Promo Days feature in cynergi|suite, you can create promotions on new agreements so your customers can automatically earn payment extensions.

After activating the Promo Days feature, you can set up and define promotions via the Promotion Management screen. These promotions will display in the Promo Code drop-down box on the New Agreement Add screen.

What Does the Promo Day Feature Do?

The Promo Days feature allows customers to automatically earn payment extensions on new agreements. Using this feature, you have the ability to create multiple promotions in cynergi|suite, with various availability enrollment dates, benefit earning dates, and benefit requirements.

The Promo Days feature also adds agreement-specific promotional information to the following areas:

  • New Agreement Screen. Displays available promotions to offer customers when creating a new agreement.
  • Printed receipts. Promotes customer retention with promotional information on printed receipts.
  • Rental Payment screen. Informs employees of Promo Day Benefits (extensions) available to redeem for the customers when taking payments.

Are There Restrictions to Using Promo Days?

You can only add a promotion to an agreement during the New Agreement Add process, and only one promotion is allowed per agreement. Once you have created an agreement, you cannot change, add, or delete a promotion. If you need to make any further edits regarding the promotion, you must cancel and rewrite the agreement.

You can only redeem Promo Days from the Rental Payment screen. You cannot redeem Promo Days through Online Payments, Pay-By-Text, or Pay-By-Phone.

Only employees with proper security permissions can create or modify promotions. Promo Days functionality is only available for RTO agreement types and is not available for Fee, RTR, Sales, or Accounts Receiveable agreements.

How Do You Enable Promo Days in cynergi|suite?

You can manage the Promo Days feature via the Control Maintenance screen. For more information, visit cynergi|suite University or contact your dedicated.

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