Feature Preview: Digital Signature Capture

July 12th, 2022

Sign and Complete Rental Agreements Virtually

We’re one step closer to helping you create a completely virtual rent-to-own buying experience!

With Digital Signature Capture, your customers will have the ability to review, sign, and complete rental agreements virtually via email, including addendums.

Managed securely and efficiently within cynergi|suite, Digital Signature Capture makes the buying and  agreement signing process easier for your customers and rent-to-own store employees. Additionally, cynergi|suite will track all digitally signed agreements in real-time, giving RTO store owners, managers, and franchisees the tools they need to close more deals.

Background: Digital Signature Capture

We know that Digital Signature Capture is something that’s been on the minds of our RTO and cynergi|suite customers for some time now—with more people making purchases without stepping into a store, completing agreements online has become a necessity.

Logistically, we had two options to add Digital Signature Capture to cynergi|suite: purchase an existing solution, like DocuSign, or build a custom solution. After extensive research, we found that building a custom solution in-house would be more cost-effective and customizable for the future of cynergi|suite and our customers.

How Does Digital Signature Capture Work?

Digital Signature Gives customers the ability to review, then sign rental agreements digitally via email, including addendums.

When you complete a rental agreement, you’ll have the option to print or email the agreement for signature and completion. Simply select email, and a link to the agreement will be sent to the customer’s email address on file.

Customizable Email Notifications

The emails sent via the Digital Signature Capture feature are customizable with your brand’s logo, color palette, and content. It’s designed to make the agreements appear like they’re coming from your store, rather than cynergi|suite.

Signing Digital Agreements

Once the customer receives the email and clicks the link to the agreement, they can create a signature, complete the signature fields in the agreement, and send the completed document back to the store.

How Do Stores Manage Agreements With Digital Signature Capture?

All agreements completed using Digital Signature Capture are stored securely in cynergi|suite. You can review, print, and share digitally-signed agreements from the account maintenance/customer screen.

From the cynergi|suite dashboard, you’ll be able to review all your virtual agreements in one place, in real-time, including all outstanding and completed requests for individual stores as well as entire multistore franchises and organizations.

Additional Features

Set Your Store Apart.

Expect the Digital Signature Capture feature to be made available in late summer 2022. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding RTO software and cynergi|suite, you can always reach out to your dedicated Account Executive.

If you’re new to cynergi|suite and are interested in learning more about RTO software, including Digital Signature Capture, click here to schedule a demo.

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