Upcoming Release: Enhanced PAP Options on New Agreement Screen

May 31st, 2024

By: High Touch Technologies

We’re dedicated to making your rent-to-own (RTO) business operations as efficient and user-friendly as possible—that’s why we’re thrilled to announce a significant update coming to cynergi|suite: the addition of Pre-Approved Payment (PAP) options to the New Agreement Payment screen.

With this enhancement, our goal is to help simplify the payment setup process, ensuring a smoother experience for both you and your customers.

Streamlining Your Payment Setup Process

Previously, setting up PAP required navigating through multiple screens when setting up a new agreement. With this upcoming enhancement, everything you need is right at your fingertips on the New Agreement Payment screen.

Say Hello to Easy Payment Management

The PAP Setup button will now be prominently featured on the New Agreement Payment screen. If your company has PAP set up, you’ll now see this button, which allows you to add or remove payment methods (credit cards) just as easily as you can on the Customer Maintenance and Rental Payment screens.

If your company doesn’t currently have PAP set up, and you would like to learn more about this feature, please contact your Account Executive.


Setting Up PAP

    1. Accessing PAP Setup. If the customer doesn’t have any PAP methods saved, the Pmt 2 option will remain available. To add a PAP method, click the PAP Setup button to open the PAP Setup screen.
    2. Entering Payment Information. Enter the customer’s credit card information and click the Save Payment Method button. Next, click the Finalize Payment Setup button.
    3. Completing Payment Setup. When you click the Finalize Payment Setup button, the Cynergi Pay Setup screen will display, indicating that the setup was successful. Warning: do not click the X to close the window! Click the Close Window button to complete the PAP setup process.
    4. Returning to Payment Screen. Once the setup is complete, cynergi|suite will redirect you to the New Agreement Payment screen. For customers with PAP methods, the Pmt 2 option will be replaced with the PAP Method option, pre-populated with the default payment method.
    5. Multiple PAP methods will be accessible via a dropdown menu.


    Using PAP

    To utilize the PAP method you just set up:

    1. Enter Amount. Enter zero or a partial amount in the Pmt 1 The remaining PAP amount will automatically populate in the PAP Method field.
    2. Complete Payment. Complete the remainder of the Tendered Payment Details screen and click the Save button. cynergi|suite will process the payment and confirm whether the payment was completed or unsuccessful.

    Important Notes for PAP Usage

    • Email Notifications. Customers will receive an email from the PAP system confirming their payment or notifying them of a denial.
    • Payment Restrictions. You cannot use both a credit card and PAP method for payments simultaneously.
    • No Charge Calculation. Calculating change is not allowed when using PAP or credit cards on the Rental Payment screen to avoid reconciliation issues and potential fraud.
    • Manual Refunds. The RTOCLOSE program does not automatically process refunds for Integrated Credit Card (ICC) or PAP payments from the New Agreement process. If you use the RTOCLOSE program to do a refund and cancel, the refund receipt record will be written in cynergi|suite, but the refund will not process through the payment processor, causing an out-of-balance on the Credit Card Reconciliation Refunds must be manually requested through the payment processor’s user portal.

    Set Your Store Apart.

    We’re committed to providing innovative technology solutions that enhance the efficiency and success of your RTO business. This upcoming enhancement to cynergi|suite helps make managing payments more effortless than ever.

    If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer and have questions about PAP or this enhancement, please reach out to your dedicated Account Executive. If you’re new to cynergi|suite and would like to know more about our industry-leading rent-to-own business management platform, click here to schedule a demo. Our team is excited to show you how features like cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution can help revolutionize your RTO business operations.

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