RTO Software Update Webinar – November 2022

November 17th, 2022

By: High Touch Technologies

What’s New In cynergi|suite?

Are you looking for the latest news on features and updates for cynergi|suite and rent-to-own (RTO) software?

During our November 2022 quarterly update webinar, our RTO software team, including Jan Miller (Director of RTO Sales) and Heath Howard (Director of Software Development), shared development news regarding features, integrations, and releases for cynergi|suite as well as information about the team that supports the software.

We also heard from High Touch’s Cybersecurity Practice Manager, Jason Fenoglio, with important cybersecurity tips and recommendations for the RTO industry.

November 2022 cynergi|suite Updates

Organizational Updates

Heath Howard(1:37) Heath Howard, acting Director of Software Development for cynergi|suite, provided updates on the cynergi|suite team. Heath highlighted our efforts to scale the team and adopt an Agile development framework.

Currently, three teams are tasked with tackling improvements and enhancements to cynergi|suite. Heath also announced new security scanning tools being used to develop cynergi|suite’s code.

Updates on Communications

Jan Miller(6:59) In order to improve communications concerning bug fixes, enhancements, and new feature releases, Jan outlined recent efforts to improve the flow of information from internal teams to customers. In addition to release notifications, customers can learn more about releases in cynergi|suite’s Resource Center.

Customers can also sign up to receive information straight to your inbox with our monthly RTO newsletter—contact your Account Representative to sign up yourself or members of your organization.

Online Payment Solution Enhancements

(8:58) In this phased release, cynergi|suite’s Online Payments Solution will receive significant enhancements focused on usability, efficiency, and security. Upon receiving the enhancement, you’ll notice changes to the Account Details screen, Payments Admin dashboard, Admin Payments report, and Admin: Back-End Management screen.

With this enhancement, you’ll be able to gain new insights into payment sources and transactions, including where payments are made, payment status, and payment sources (phone, online, pre-authorized, or mobile app).

Release Notes: Online Payment Solution

wowbrands Integration

With this partnership, wowbrands can provide direct-mail marketing and customized programs for the RTO industry. These programs employ existing data securely uploaded from cynergi|suite to their platform.

Using this integration, you can create targeted campaigns—for example, to advertise to paid-in-full customers, incentivize add-on agreements, and more. Contact your Account Executive if you’re interested in learning more.

Digital Signature Capture Updates

(15:18) Our team has been working with Google to manage storage, and beta testing is currently in progress. Using this new feature, you’ll be able to complete document signatures for agreements in cynergi|suite via email or text message.

Preview: Digital Signature Capture

Bonus: Cybersecurity

Jason Fenoglio(18:20) Jason Fenoglio, High Touch’s Cybersecurity Practice Manager, relayed pertinent information regarding RTO, securing data, and educational cybersecurity information. The presentation covered the high-level steps RTO companies should take to help combat cyberthreats and cyberattacks.

Jason also provided an example of security awareness training for employees and a list of “cybersecurity things to do” to help keep businesses safe.

Learn More: Cybersecurity

Set Your Store Apart.

With cynergi|suite, you make rent-to-own easier for your customers and store employees. If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer and have questions regarding cynergi|suite, including signing up to receive communications, enhancements to online payments, the wowbrands integration, digital signature capture, or cybersecurity, contact your dedicated Account Executive.

If you’re new to cynergi|suite and want to learn more, simply click here to schedule a demo.

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