New: Inventory Audit Application and Dashboard Enhancements

April 4th, 2023

By: High Touch Technologies
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Cleaner Audits and Faster Scans

Whether you’re an RTO store franchisee, owner, manager, or employee, you’ll understand the importance, in all its tediousness, of managing your idle inventory. It can be a painfully time-consuming process, but it’s necessary to keep your business profitable.

That’s where the Inventory Audit App and Dashboard can help save the day. Instead of relying on dated, hand-held barcode scanners, the Inventory Audit App is compatible with most Apple and Android devices with a camera, allowing you to complete audits in real-time, with no extra licensing or specialized equipment required (other than the phone you probably already have in your pocket). You can use multiple devices simultaneously and don’t need to worry about connectivity issues.

The app is also fully integrated with the cynergi|suite’s Inventory Audit Dashboard, ensuring you have all the tools you need to monitor your idle inventory on a single screen.

But wait, there’s more—our team has been hard at work making the Inventory Audit App even more convenient for you by adding a new feature enhancement that lets you quickly delete bad scans and an advanced phantom scan detection system. They’ve also been improving the code that drives the Inventory Audit Dashboard, ensuring the feature performs efficiently and securely for your business.

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Inventory Audit Application and Dashboard Enhancements

Ability To Remove Bad Scans

The feature we’re most excited to debut is the ability to quickly delete bad scans while using the Inventory Audit App.

This enhancement is a game-changer for employees in the store, as it makes the entire inventory audit process faster and more efficient. Previously, all bad scans were sent to the Inventory Audit Dashboard for management to review. Now, employees can delete any accidental bad scans before sending them to management, making the entire idle inventory audit process less painful for everyone involved.

It’s also easier for managers to identify any real issues that arise during the audit process, saving the business valuable time and reducing errors.

Advanced Phantom Scan Detection System

Idle inventory auditing can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, especially when phantom scans occur. These false detections happen when the application identifies a barcode that doesn’t actually exist, leading to confusion and wasted effort.

Our mobile development team has devised a code enhancement that helps eliminate phantom scans and improves the overall efficiency of the inventory auditing process.

Our solution involves adding an extra layer of verification before the device registers a scan. This advanced phantom scan detection system helps distinguish between phantom and genuine scans, ensuring employees are not interrupted by false readings. By removing this distraction, employees can complete inventory audits more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Backend Improvements to Inventory Audit Dashboard

Our team has been working to improve the code that drives the Inventory Audit Dashboard. In our tests, scans process more quickly and accurately. In adding the ability to remove bad scans, you can also rest assured knowing your initial dashboard counts are more accurate.

Set Your Store Apart.

Streamlining your idle inventory management can make a big difference in your bottom line — it’s important that you’re using the best tools available. We’re excited to debut these enhancements to the Inventory Audit App and Dashboard in the coming weeks, as they can help make the entire idle inventory process faster and more efficient for your entire business.

Existing cynergi|suite customers—keep an eye on your inbox to be the first to know when the enhancement is available. If you have any questions about the Inventory Audit Application and Dashboard or would like to provide feedback on future enhancement for cynergi|suite, please contact your Account Manager.

If this is your first time hearing about cynergi|suite, and you want to learn more, simply click here to schedule a demo.

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