Meet the New cynergi|suite University

March 31st, 2021

By: High Touch Technologies

We’re excited to announce that the new, fully-modernized cynergi|suite University is up and running!

We’ve improved upon the individual PDFs and videos that have been the cornerstone of cynergi|suite training for years. Our new cynergi|suite University is a complete learning management system (LMS) geared towards the next generation of rent-to-own employees, owners, and franchisees. With a modern, course-based training structure enhanced with bite-sized videos, anyone tasked with learning the cynergi|suite RTO software platform can become an expert in no time.

In this blog, we’ll outline the exciting new features and functionality offered in the new University, including:

Get started with the new University

Accessing the new cynergi|suite University is straightforward for existing University customers and new University (existing cynergi|suite) customers alike.

Accessing cynergi|suite University

You can easily navigate to the University via the cynergi|suite website, from your cynergi|suite application, or by accessing the University directly. Frequent users may wish to bookmark the University for easier access.

Existing University Customers

Most existing cynergi|suite customers with verified email addresses on file who have accessed the old University before March 30, 2021, have been pre-registered for the new University.

Pre-registered customers should have received an email from no-reply@cynergisuite.com containing login credentials. Additionally, this email includes instructions for logging into the new University for the first time. Existing University users should log into the system before May 5, 2021. If not, your pre-registered account will expire, and you will have to re-register.

New University Customers

Active cynergi|suite customers who wish to access the University must register by May 5, 2021, to take advantage of the open enrollment period. More information on how to register after the open enrollment will be forthcoming. Register now, or contact support for more information.

New cynergi|suite University Features

Compared to the individual training documents and long training videos of the past, the new University showcases a modern, user-friendly interface.

The University LMS guides learning via a course-based structure, which breaks down cynergi|suite’s training into easy-to-digest chapters. Additionally, we’ve edited down training videos into smaller, more bite-sized chunks to allow for easier retention and more agile learning.

In this first version of the new University, we’ve also made some new training videos available. The new University includes exciting features, including:

My Favorites

You can now flag your favorite and most useful training courses for future reference. Anything you “favorite” in the University is saved for easy access in the My Favorites tab.

My Usage Report

This report illustrates your overall sign-in and training activity. Additionally, you can see the training you’ve completed and what’s in progress. Finally, you can view a summary of days trained and days not trained in My Usage Report.

My Report Card

This feature provides detailed information about your progress in the University. In My Report Card, you can review information about the courses you have completed, the courses you have in progress, and the courses you haven’t started.


University users can opt into email and/or text message alerts about new features and training content as it becomes available.

Contact Us to Learn More About cynergi|suite University

If you’re an existing cynergi|suite customer and have questions about the new University, please contact Support.

If you’re interested in learning more about cynergi|suite, the University, and how High Touch Technologies can help you grow your RTO business with our industry-leading point of sale software, contact us to learn more and schedule a free demo.

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