Managed Services for Rent-To-Own

February 3rd, 2022

Need Help With Hardware, Troubleshooting, or Third-Party Software?

Get the comprehensive IT services you need to keep your store up and running. In addition to industry-leading RTO software, did you know High Touch Technologies can provide full-scale technology solutions to help you with your store’s day-to-day IT needs?

With a Managed Services package, you get the solutions, support, and security you need to keep your technology up and running. In many cases, efficient Managed IT Services can offer you a cost-effective solution to break-fix and hourly IT repair costs. Plus, you get the added expertise of having a dedicated support partner who knows your technology inside-and-out that’s just a phone call, email, or web form away.

Managed Services For RTO

What Are Managed Services for RTO?

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), in addition to your cynergi|suite software, High Touch can provide all the IT expertise and support you need to keep your computers and networks running and up to speed.

With a Managed Services package, you gain access to a full-scale IT department for your entire RTO business, whether it’s one store or a whole franchise. These packages include services such as IT Help Desk support for employees, Cybersecurity, and Data Backup and Recovery.

Additionally, our dedicated team of experts can provide IT consulting and project-based services for computer hardware, network management, add-ons, and more.

What Services are Included in RTO Managed Services Packages?

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How Can Managed Services Benefit RTO?

When running a business, no one likes unexpected costs or downtime.

Compared to a la carte technology solutions or hourly break-fix contracts, a Managed Services package has a straightforward monthly price tag. You can more effectively plan for your IT expenses and better allocate your budget for your holistic RTO business operations.

Likewise, as a comprehensive solution for your store’s IT, you know your entire IT ecosystem is secured, supported, and engineered with the help of experienced technology experts.

Managed Services Vs. A La Carte IT

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When you choose cynergi|suite to manage your RTO business, you’re getting more than just powerful software. High Touch is a comprehensive technology partner with industry-dedicated technology expertise, experience, and support to help make things easier for your RTO company. Contact us to learn more.

Technology Solutions For RTO

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